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Desert Vista Park


Desert Vista Park Layout (PDF)


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Dog Park
  3. Parking
  4. Pavilion
  5. Picnic Shelters
  6. Restrooms
  7. Skate Park
  8. Soccer Field
  9. Walking Track

Improvement Project

In November 2009, the Town dedicated nearly $3.2 million in improvements to the Desert Vista Park, including lighted athletic fields, a restroom and concessions building, picnic and shade ramadas, age-appropriate children’s playgrounds, walking paths, landscaping improvements, area lighting, and new parking areas. The lighted athletic fields are primarily used by the Fountain Hills Soccer Club, who have consolidated the majority of games and practices to the improved facilities at the park.

Skate Park

Also serving as a large draw for Desert Vista Park is the Skate Park added in late 2006. The Skate Park offers skateboarders, rollerbladers and bikers alike a place to get some exercise with a proposed second phase being considered to extend the facilities.

Skate Park Rules & Regulations

  • This is a use-at-your-own risk facility. This facility is not supervised.
  • Skating, blading and biking are high risk / hazardous activities. By participating you accept that risk and agree to not hold the Town of Fountain Hills or its employees responsible for any injuries incurred as a result of use.
  • The use of motorized equipment or other wheeled vehicles is not permitted.
  • The use of proper protective equipment, including helmets and knee, elbow and wrist pads is strongly recommended.
  • Use of the facility is prohibited when wet, rainwater is present or park maintenance is being performed.
  • This facility has been designed for various skill levels. Please be courteous to other participants at all times. No swearing / profanity or loud music allowed.
  • Respect the park and keep it clean. Deposit trash into cans provided. No littering.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the facility except for water in plastic containers, no glass.
  • Graffiti and tagging are strictly prohibited and may result in the removal of offenders from the park and police action.
  • This is an alcohol / drug / tobacco free facility. Use and/or possession may result in removal of offenders from the park and police action.
  • Additional obstacles and / or materials are not allowed at this facility, such as (but not limited to) homemade ramps, boxes, picnic tables, etc.
  • No pets are allowed in the facility.
  • Spectators may not be on or near ramps at any time.
  • The Town of Fountain Hills is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  • Competitive or demonstration events require a special events permit. Please contact the Community Services Department for more information at 480-816-5100.
  • Contact the Town of Fountain Hills with safety concerns and violations.
  • The use of this facility is a privilege and may be withdrawn, temporarily or permanently, if an individual does not follow the rules.

Dog Park

One of the town’s most used amenities is the Off-Leash Recreational Facility, or Dog Park at Desert Vista Park. The Dog Park is a 3-acre fenced facility that allows pet owners the opportunity to let their dogs run free. Dogs must be licensed and have proper vaccinations. The Dog Park is divided into 2 fenced areas, 1 for larger dogs and the other smaller canines. The large / active dog area can be accessed from entrances on either Tower Drive or Desert Vista. The small / passive dog area can only be accessed from Tower Drive.

Dog Park Rules

The following rules apply to Desert Vista Park:
  • Dogs must wear a visible and current license.
  • Dog waste must be removed and properly disposed of.
  • Aggressive dog behavior is not permitted within the facility.
  • Gates must be kept closed at all times.
  • Dog handlers must be within the facility and supervise their dogs at all times.
  • Dog handlers using this facility must carry on their person, a standard (6-foot) length leash.
  • Female dogs in heat are not permitted within the facility.
  • Any damage done to the park (i.e. digging) must be repaired by the dog handlers.
  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Dogs must be leashed until completely inside the enclosed facility.
  • All dog handlers who fail to comply with these rules can be asked to leave or be cited if appropriate.

Standard Park Rules

  • Park hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Vehicles left at any park after 11:00 p.m. will be towed.
  • No alcoholic beverages without a permit.
  • No glass containers.
  • No pets without a leash that is hand held and pets must be on the leash at all times. Owners must clean up after pets.
  • No golfing.
  • No unauthorized vehicles outside of parking areas.
  • No open fires or overnight camping.
  • No firearms or weapons, except as authorized by Arizona law.
  • Do not destroy plants, grass, trees or equipment.
  • No model aircraft or unmanned aircraft, except at Desert Vista Park in designated areas and only when the park is not in use by others.
  • No unauthorized vendors.
  • Specific facilities may be reserved by obtaining a permit from the Community Services Department.
  • Violators of the law and park rules will be prosecuted.
  • Swimming, fishing, and boating are prohibited at Fountain Park Lake.
  • Use of tobacco, electronic cigarettes, or vapor pens within parks is prohibited except in parking areas. (Ordinance No. 18-08)
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, Responsible Party agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Town and each council member, officer, employee or agent thereof (the Town and any such person being herein called an “Indemnified Party”), for, from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs and the costs of appellate proceedings) to which any such Indemnified Party may become subject, under any theory of liability whatsoever (“Claims”), insofar as such Claims (or actions in respect thereof) relate to, arise out of, or are caused by or based upon the negligent acts, intentional misconduct, errors, mistakes or omissions, in connection with the use of the facility by the Responsible Party, its officers, employees, agents, or any tier of subcontractor, including, but not limited to claims or demands arising from accidents occurring on the premises of the town, whether or not caused by the negligence of the Responsible Party, its agents or employees, or the negligence other than the sole negligence of the Town, its agents or employees or that of any other person, firm or entity.
  • All park patrons will abide by any additional park rules specific to each park.


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