Panorama Storm Drain Replacement

This important project was completed in February, 2021.

A significant drainage pipe replacement program along N. Panorama Drive started in December, 2021. The Panorama Drive Storm Drain was initially constructed in 1988 (pre-incorporation) by MCO Properties as a part of the Panorama Drive Paving Improvements Project. With over 30 years of corrosion and sediment build-up within the system, large leaks and ruptures were causing sinkholes along the pipeline. In January 2020, a 6-foot by 3-foot sinkhole formed caused by leaks in the pipe. When work crews started their repairs, they discovered that the line had catastrophic damage caused by corrosion and that there was a large hole above the tube for about 20 feet in length. The storm drain is approximately 3,000 feet long and is primarily 48 inches diameter pipe, expanding to a 66-inch diameter pipe at the downstream reaches. A camera inspection of the full length of the Panorama Drive storm drain showed numerous missing pipe invert and lining areas and highly-corroded areas.

pipe map for panorama