Local Candidate Elections

Elected Officials

The Mayor and six Town Councilmembers are local elected officials. There are no term limits in Fountain Hills, so there is no limit to the number of times an incumbent may run for office.

  • The Mayor is elected for a 2 year term.
  • Town Councilmembers serve staggered 4 year terms. 
The terms of the following Mayor/Councilmembers will expire in December 2022. 

Mayor Ginny Dickey
Vice Mayor David Spelich
Councilmember Mike Scharnow
Councilmember Alan Magazine

Election Cycle

Town Council elections are held in the fall election cycle of even-numbered years and the 2020 Candidate Election was held on August 4, 2020. If all candidates receive a majority vote at the Primary Election, no General Election for candidates is required.


The FINAL OFFICIAL results of the local Fountain Hills election are shown below, as canvassed by the Fountain Hills Town Council at their Special Meeting of August 24, 2020.

All candidates for Mayor and Councilmember seats received a majority of votes cast and, therefore, a General Election for candidates was not required. The Mayor-elect and Councilmembers-elect took office at the first Regular Meeting in December 2020.


Dickey, Ginny 6,465


Friedel, Gerry 5,729
Grzybowski, Sharron "Blue" 5,303
McMahon, Peggy 5,539

While write-in votes were cast, they are not counted as there were no official write-in candidates.

Updated 09/22/20