Trash Hauling/Recycling

Town Council Approved Contract & Ordinance

The facts about the Town of Fountain Hills Curbside Trash and Recycling Program

  • All residents using single carts for curbside trash and recycling will have (1) trash cart and (1) recycling cart, which will both be picked up on the same day for $11.44 per month (all applicable taxes and fees are included).
  • All residents can request an (optional) additional trash pickup day for $5.02 more each month.  For residents choosing this option, their total monthly charge will be $16.46 (all applicable taxes and fees are included).
  • Seasonal residents and those wishing to put their service on hold can do so one time per year for up to six months at no charge.
  • The contract with Allied Waste locks in the monthly rates for a period of three years. Because the targeted contract commencement date is July 1, 2011, the $11.44 and $16.46 rates are locked in until July of 2014.  After July 1, 2014, the cost for service can only go up a maximum of 5% per year, based upon a formula utilizing the Consumer Price Index (85%) and fuel prices (15%).
  • All homes within an HOA are covered by the program as long as they use single carts for curbside trash and recycling services.  If a home is in an HOA that currently uses shared dumpsters, the program will not apply to that home.
  • The Town Code has been drafted to allow for a phase-in period for homes covered by an existing contract.  Existing contracts signed and dated on or before November 4, 2010 between homeowners (or HOAs) and current providers will be allowed to continue through their individual termination dates or July 1, 2013, whichever comes first.  After July 1, 2013, all homes will be included in the program and provided service through Allied Waste.
  • The Town will not receive any revenue from this program.  Many municipal solid waste hauling and disposal contracts require that the vendor share a portion of the revenue generated from recyclables with the municipality.  The Town chose to forego any shared revenue from recycling to allow vendors to offer Town residents more competitive monthly rates.
  • State Law requires that trash be picked up twice each week, unless the municipality has been granted a variance to allow for one recycling pick-up to be substituted for one of the trash pick-ups.  The Town obtained a variance from Maricopa County in 2001.  The variance requires the Town to inspect 25% of all carts annually.  The inspection program also provides protection for citizens by ensuring all carts be properly maintained and replaced by the vendor as needed.  All municipalities with a recycling program have a similar inspection requirement.
  • Going forward, Allied Waste will assume all responsibilities of the inspection program required by the variance, including the cost of the Town’s permit with the County (currently $2,100) and the cost of the inspection program. The Town will be responsible for submitting any required reports to Maricopa County as it has done previously.
  • Allied Waste has no authority to enforce the Town Code.  The Town will perform code enforcement activities, should any occur.  The Town does not need any additional employees for this program.  Code enforcement will continue to be on a citizen complaint-driven basis only.
  • NO citations, tickets or notices of violation have ever been issued to citizens during the nearly 10 years that the inspection program has been in place.  The Town does not have “inspection police”.
  • The ONLY violations that will result in misdemeanor (criminal) violations are spilling refuse during transport, dumping refuse on property and hazardous waste dumping.  ALL of these provisions have been in the Town Code since it was adopted on June 28, 1990ALL other violations are handled first by a notice of violation and, if not corrected after the notice, by a civil citation of not more than $250 (the State Law penalty can be up to $1,000).
  • It is not a violation of Town code to put recyclables into the garbage carts.  It is a violation to put garbage into the recycling carts, as it contaminates recyclables.
  • “Garbage” (essentially organic and food wastes) must be bagged before being placed in a garbage cart.  Other waste (i.e. yard waste) need not be bagged.
  • Clear plastic bags need only be used when bagging shredded paper for recycling.  The machinery used to sort recyclables can be damaged by shredded paper; bagging allows the recycling facility employees to easily remove the shredded paper before it is caught in the machinery.

For question about this information please contact Raymond Rees, Environmental Planner,  at 480-816-5180 (office), 602-460-0804 (mobile) or by email to

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