Business 101: Licenses & Fees

Before You Start

Prior to seeking permits and licensing in the Town of Fountain Hills, you will likely have done the following:

  • Determined there is a market for your business
  • Registered the business name
  • Established financing
  • Defined or completed a legal structure for the business
  • Searched for an appropriate business location

Before putting the “Open for Business” sign up, there are important local regulatory issues that require attention. While the needs and circumstances of each business are different, there are key issues that affect most small businesses.

  • Verify that the zoning of your proposed business location allows your business
  • Obtain your business license(s)
  • Apply for required permits and/or licenses
  • Verify required parking requirements
  • Place signage at your business location
  • Understand the process to expand a business or change your business use

Application for Business Licenses

All businesses located in the Town of Fountain Hills, or doing business within the town, must be licensed before beginning operation. If a business has more than one location in town, each location must have a separate business license.

Businesses that are required to remit transaction privilege tax (most often called sales tax) must obtain a Transaction Privilege Tax License. A separate transaction privilege license is required from the State of Arizona. For more information about taxes, visit Finance and Licensing.

Application Process

  1. To apply for a license, complete the online license application. * When completed, print and return the application with a check for the $50, non-refundable application fee and applicable license fee as listed below.**
  2. Once approval is received from Planning and Zoning and all other appropriate departments and all fees have been paid, a license will be mailed to the applicant.

* To receive an application via mail or fax, call (480) 816-5100.
**Begin the application process at least 35 days prior to allow time for internal processing. Otherwise, there will not be enough time for license approval prior to the business start date

Separate License

Each business is required to have a separate license for each location or entity located in the Town of Fountain Hills.

Annual License Renewal Fees

LocationLicense Fee

License Fee

Within Town$35$43.75
Outside Town$50$62.50

Town Code

Copies of the Town of Fountain Hills Business Regulations code are available online at Business, Occupational and Professional ordinance.

Office Location

16705 E. Avenue of the Fountains
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

(480) 816-5100

Office hours are Monday to Thursday, 7 AM to 6 PM.

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