January Volunteer of the Month - Pat Covault

Posted by Mike Ciccarone January 23, 2013

Volunteer of the month, Paul CovaultTwenty-two years of delivering meals in the Home Delivered Meals program has left our Volunteer of the Month, Pat Covault, hungry for more! Pat started when the program was in its infancy. It meant driving to the hospital on Shea and picking up the 20 – 25 meals and delivering them with only one other volunteer. She remembers an incident when they delivered over 22 meals and were short the very last meal...rather than drive all the way back to the hospital, she and her co-driver went to Safeway and purchased a chicken dinner in order to get lunch to the recipient on time!

Pat has been with the program since 1990 and has also served as the Friday Coordinator for over twelve years. She often covers other volunteer's shift when needed which, according to Sr. Services Supervisor Kelley Fonville, "shows her strong commitment to others in need in Fountain Hills." Pat is the first to say that it is she who is on the receiving end and that she doesn't deserve to be recognized as the volunteer of the month. Her modesty reflects her 'behind the scenes' approach and comfort in volunteering. Pat states, "The recipients are so appreciative and it is such a good feeling to be doing this. It makes you feel good when you can make someone else happy."

Pat calls many of her meal recipients friends and is known for writing cards and notes to them, just like a mother would. Also, she reminded, "You never just leave a meal and take off...you need to make sure that they're ok first- this is often their only visit with another person." Often the meal deliveries include getting to see their art and sharing conversations. Pat expressed, "It is very rewarding and exciting to deliver monthly...and it sure doesn't seem like 22 years!"

Pat and her husband of 51 years, Bill, moved to Fountain Hills in 1987. Bill was a pilot and knew how special the town was and encouraged a visit with Pat. Their two daughters also attended universities in state. It didn't take long for Pat to fall in love with the beauty of the town and the small town feeling. Soon after they found a lot and built their home. They recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary in Tahoe with their entire family, including their one grandson. Golfing, fishing, knitting, reading, travelling and hiking have preoccupied Pat and her family when not delivering meals.

Congratulations, Pat. Thanks for your continued loyalty and dedication with Home Delivered Meals!


February 19, 2013
Heather Ware

re: January Volunteer of the Month - Pat Covault

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Town.  We do not have any full-time volunteers however we have regularly scheduled placements.  It is not possible to become a driver for either Home Delivered Meals or the Give a Lift program without the Town conducting it's own background check and driving record check.  Also, due to the costs involved in this process, we ask that those particular volunteers commit for at least one year, not one week.  You are more than welcome to call and discuss your situation again with the Volunteer Coordinator.  However, please know that we cannot accept volunteers in these two positions for one week only for thirty hours.

February 18, 2013

re: January Volunteer of the Month - Pat Covault

I would be happy to help as a volunteer in this program, however, the town of FH only wants full time participants. I think this is a disservice to those in the community. Part time volunteers could lessen the burden on long term Volunteers. I have a current Flu shot, TB test, finger print card, and CPR certified. I have worked in the community and have excellent references, yet my help was still declined.  

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