What are the next steps after the study?

If the findings from the studies indicate that the lagoon project is not financially feasible for the town to undertake, then the project will go away. If the studies indicate that the lagoon is financially feasible, then the Town Council will need to make a decision if it wants to proceed with the project. If the Council wants to proceed, then there will need to be open houses and public hearings as the State Parks Department has indicated that the town will need to demonstrate community support before proceeding. This is due to the fact that the town applied for and expended Arizona Heritage Fund grants and federal grants to make improvements to Fountain Park. It is also anticipated that voters will have a say at the ballot box if the Town Council were to refer the proposed lagoon project to voters as a possible project to be financed by bonds.

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1. Is the Crystal Lagoon Project Approved?
2. When will the feasibility study be completed?
3. Who is completing the feasibility study?
4. What each firm is tasked to do/scope of work and what they will be paid?
5. How they came about getting the job of doing the studies... did the Town solicit them?
6. Is the company that builds the lagoon providing the only input the Town will have on its cost?
7. What are the next steps after the study?
8. How will the Lagoon effect our Fountain?