How they came about getting the job of doing the studies... did the Town solicit them?

The Swaback Partners firm previously was contracted by the town to assist in developing a downtown plan for Fountain Hills. The plan was adopted by the Town Council in 2009. Swaback spent numerous hours in public involvement in the community and as part of the downtown plan, recognized the significance of Fountain Park and the downtown. Since Swaback was very familiar with Fountain Park, it made sense to contract with Swaback. The firm’s understanding of our downtown and park also meant we could expect a lower cost and quicker turnaround on a feasibility study.

Initially, the town made contact with Applied Economics to assist with identifying the costs and other fiscal impacts of the project. Applied Economics has an excellent reputation in the Valley for assisting cities in analyzing economic impacts of proposed public policies. Applied Economics ended up becoming a subconsultant to Hunden Partners on the lagoon project due to the fact that Hunden had more expertise if there were follow up work on the lagoon analyses relating to tourism impacts.

Crystal Lagoons is providing information to the consulting firms so the firms can properly cost out the excavation costs, capital costs, and water treatment costs for the proposed lagoon project.

Under the town code and procurement code, the town has the ability to identify and direct select certain types of consultants to provide professional services to the town. In the case of the feasibility studies in question, I informally requested the firms to submit proposals for a proposed lagoon project. Since I didn’t want to move forward on contracting with these firms until I had Council consensus on the proposed project, the proposed feasibility studies were brought up for discussion at the Council work session on this subject.

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1. Is the Crystal Lagoon Project Approved?
2. When will the feasibility study be completed?
3. Who is completing the feasibility study?
4. What each firm is tasked to do/scope of work and what they will be paid?
5. How they came about getting the job of doing the studies... did the Town solicit them?
6. Is the company that builds the lagoon providing the only input the Town will have on its cost?
7. What are the next steps after the study?
8. How will the Lagoon effect our Fountain?