What each firm is tasked to do/scope of work and what they will be paid?

Swaback Partners will help to identify programming needs of a swimming lagoon. The firm will also evaluate Fountain Park and potential locations for a possible lagoon. This will provide basic information such as the cost to build the facilities to support the lagoon. The firm will also provide conceptual renderings. The firm will be paid $20,000 for completing its scope of services.

Hunden Partners/Applied Economics will analyze the capital costs associated with building the lagoon. The firms will also estimate the cost of operating and maintaining the lagoon and related facilities expenses such as staffing, utilities, water, lagoon treatment, insurance, etc. The firms will also identify the various revenues that would be required to recover the cost of operations and maintenance of the lagoon and facilities. Hunden Partners will receive $18,800 for its services.

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1. Is the Crystal Lagoon Project Approved?
2. When will the feasibility study be completed?
3. Who is completing the feasibility study?
4. What each firm is tasked to do/scope of work and what they will be paid?
5. How they came about getting the job of doing the studies... did the Town solicit them?
6. Is the company that builds the lagoon providing the only input the Town will have on its cost?
7. What are the next steps after the study?
8. How will the Lagoon effect our Fountain?