Who is completing the feasibility study?

The feasibility study is being completed in partnership by Swaback Partners and Hunden Partners/Applied Economics with support from Crystal Lagoons.

Crystal Lagoons is the company that is providing technical details related to costs for a proposed swimming lagoon in Fountain Park. There is no cost to the town for technical information obtained from the company that will be used in the feasibility study.

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1. Is the Crystal Lagoon Project Approved?
2. When will the feasibility study be completed?
3. Who is completing the feasibility study?
4. What each firm is tasked to do/scope of work and what they will be paid?
5. How they came about getting the job of doing the studies... did the Town solicit them?
6. Is the company that builds the lagoon providing the only input the Town will have on its cost?
7. What are the next steps after the study?
8. How will the Lagoon effect our Fountain?