Strategic Plan

Citizens in Fountain Hills have a legacy of working together to reach consensus and understand the common elements that reinforce our community vision. Most of the amenities that are enjoyed today are the result of individuals working together as a community to maintain this great quality of life.

Fountain Hills developed its first Strategic Plan in 2005 through a citizen-driven planning process. Strategic Plan 2006-2010 outlined strategic priorities for implementation through 2010. Strategic Plan 2006-2010 also established the Strategic Planning Advisory Commission (SPAC), a Council-appointed body intended to foster implementation of the Strategic Plan.

At the beginning of 2009, SPAC recognized the need to update the Strategic Plan. In the spring, SPAC Commissioners initiated a reconnaissance effort to learn from the public and stakeholders the successes of Strategic Plan 2006-2010 and to identify opportunities for the update. Over the course of the next year, SPAC led a grassroots engagement effort to update the Strategic Plan. In May 2010, Council adopted the revised Strategic Plan.