Councilmember, Henry Leger

As a resident of Fountain Hills for over 25 years, Councilmember Henry Leger is currently serving his third term on Town Council. He has served the Town in this capacity since June of 2006. In addition to his town council position, Henry is currently a member of several community organizations, including the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association and Chamber of Commerce.

Originally from Massachusetts, Henry moved to Arizona in 1970 to attend the University of Arizona where he received his Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. Henry worked as a professional in the field of leadership and organizational development for 30 years. Throughout his career, he held a number of leadership positions in education and government work settings and worked as an internal consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. He is now retired from that field.

Prior to his position on Town Council, he volunteered his time on numerous community initiatives and activities, these include:
  • Serving on the Chamber’s Business Vitality Advisory Committee
  • Serving on the Executive committee for the Downtown Visioning project
  • Member of the Technical Advisory Committee for our town’s citizen-driven strategic planning initiative:
  • Co-chair of the Youth Visioning Institute
  • Co-Chair for the community survey team
  • Board member, treasurer and member of the Committee of Architecture for the Firerock Ridge neighborhood property owners’ association
  • Classroom volunteer in the Fountain Hills School District
  • President and Vice President of the Church Council at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church - Fountain Hills
Henry is passionate about living in Fountain Hills and contributing to its quality of life. He cherishes spending time with his family and friends and enjoys hiking, golf, and the arts.

Henry and his wife Janet, have two daughters, Kristin and Marisa. Marisa a graduate of Fountain Hills High School and is enrolled at the University of Arizona. Kristin, a graduate of Fountain Hills High School and the University of Arizona, recently completed service in the Peace Corps as an Environmental Specialist. Janet is an active volunteer in the community and enjoys her long-standing professional career at CVS Health.