McDowell Mountain Preserve & Trails

Adero Canyon Trailhead Update

As of Monday, December 2, weekday access to the Adero Canyon Trailhead will be closed. The closured is due to heavy hauling in conjunction with Toll Brothers home constructions. This closure is expected to last through Tuesday, December 17th. Weekend pedestrians access should remain unaffected. The trailhead is open for pedestrian access from dawn to dusk on weekends; no vehicular access is permitted.  Hikers are reminded that no amenities such as restrooms or water fountains are operable at this time.

Upcoming Guided Hikes
The McDowell Mountain Preservation Commission and the Sonoran Conservatory of Fountain Hills are proud to present a full schedule of guided hikes.

All hikes will start at 8 a.m. and each hiker must register at the start of each hike. Hikes are free, with exception of the $2 entry fee into the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.
Hikes beginning at the end of Eagle Ridge Drive must start and finish with stewards as we cross private land. Hikes beginning from Golden Eagle Trailhead require the $2 fee for the Regional Park.


For more information about the guided hikes, please email Carol Ayres, FHSC or call 480-837-8290.