2012 Turkey Trot Results

Posted by November 22, 2012

The Town of Fountain Hills would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Congratulations to the overall winner, and first place in the men's 40-44 division, John Reich, who finished with a time of 16:24. Congratulations to the overall female winner, and first place in the women's 40-44 division, Tere Zacher, who finished with a time of 18:37.

1,240 residents and visitors participated in the 2012 Turkey Trot 5K Run and Fitness Walk, with 866 running the 5K. This a new participation record, exceeding 2011 by over 100 participants.

Below are the results of the Turkey Trot 5K held Thanksgiving morning.

Results by Age Groups/Divisions

The results posted on Thanksgiving Day were unfortunately inaccurate. Staff apologizes for the error and removed the results that afternoon.  We  appreciate your patience over the holiday weekend.

Any questions with regard to race results should be directed to All Distance Running Company.


December 03, 2012

re: 2012 Turkey Trot Results

Mr. Gobbleson is a golden godCool

November 26, 2012

More like partial results

There are still results missing. I registered 2 weeks before the event. I finished at ~23 minutes and I'm not listed anywhere. How frustrating.

November 26, 2012
Lar Schmit

re: 2012 Turkey Trot Results



How come several runners did not get their age group listed in their group?  We are listed as "99"   We registered weeks before the race at Town Hall Rec Department. 

Larry Schmit

November 25, 2012

re: 2012 Turkey Trot Results

I agree. Nice race but poorly managed. I also registered late on Tuesday with my 2 boys, who were so excited to run and get their whole first 5K experience only to find out they were turned down for a t-shirt. Seriously, I paid $30 for myself and $20 each for them. I'm sure they could've spared a tshirt or perhaps a water bottle after the race.  Also, the music was awful and nearly put me to sleep before the race. I think I can speak for most runners when I say, we appreciate a little more upbeat excitement prior to a race. 

I loved the course and it was perfect for my 10 and 7 year olds. 

November 24, 2012

re: 2012 Turkey Trot Results

Fun race.  Always is.  Badly managed.  Pull up the tables 15 minutes before it even starts?  What's the rush?  Small towns never seem to figure this stuff out. 

As for the comment below  "It appears that your town wants the extras so that they can sell them for $5 next year to the poor people who signed up late for your  towns run!" I feel the same way.  No 'free tshirts' that I should have got for paying and pre registering, yet i'm SURE I'll see them next year - and I can pay $5 next year for what should have been my free tshirt this year.  How hard is it to buy one shirt per person who PAID to run the race? 

Nice event. Please manage it better!

November 23, 2012
Sonia Lopez

re: 2012 Turkey Trot tee shirts

Hello I had a great time at the turkey trot yesterday.  I was invited last minute by some co-workers who are residents of Fountain Hills.  I registered on Tuesday evening.  I have participated in several races in my past, and not once has any of the races omitted giving everyone a tee shirt.  I was not very happy to find out that I would not receive a tee shirt despite the fact that I paid over and above the cost of the registration fee.  Furthering my dissatisfaction is that at the end of the race they had a table full of tee shirts for sale for $5 and they were past years tee shirts!!  Not even 2012!  It looked like their were plenty of tees to go around.  It appears that your town wants the extras so that they can sell them for $5 next year to the poor people who signed up late for your  towns run!!  

Overall it was a fun run and thank you for having snacks and the person dressed in the turkey costume was a lot of fun!  

November 23, 2012

re: 2012 Turkey Trot Results

Thank you for a fun race. Our whole family did the race (ages 5 to 70) and everyone had fun. The race was well run and the course through downtown Fountain Hills was a lot of fun. With kids running you never know how the course is going to be marked and how safe the street closing are. This race was perfect. The only negative is we had a few people decide to join us last minute that didn't get t-shirts. I understand not wanting to have leftovers but knowing the cost of t-shirts it's worth the few dollars. That was the only negative out of a bunch of positives (inside check-in, plenty of parking, the turkey costume person was a huge hit, disposable timing chips, all the runners we friendly and supportive, volunteers were helpful, pre and post race bagels and bananas, post race parade....). Anyway, thanks for a fun, well run race. We'll see you next year. Have a Great Day.
November 22, 2012
Jonathan Connolly

re: 2012 Turkey Trot Results

I signed up the day of the race. i ran it. too bad it looks like non of the tags from the same day registration actually kept time. How disappointing to log on looking for "official results" and finding that I don't have a time.

November 22, 2012
John Ross

re: 2012 Turkey Trot Results


I am confused about the posted results.  My fiancé Amanda runner #845 finished the race in about 20-22 minutes.  She started in the middle of the pack at the start of the race and crossed the finish line when the clock was at 22 min and about 50 seconds.  So her time would have been less that 22 minutes and 50 seconds.  However she is grouped with a mass of runners that were at 53 minutes.  I am sure that the runners that participated will be disappointed with these incorrect postings, especially the younger school age runners that worked so hard to train for the race. 

Please either remove the the bad posting or correct as soon as possible.  Thanks for your consideration.  Hopefully the official results posted on www.alldistancerunning.com will be corrected.




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